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No Hate Here

Expressions and/or threats of bigotry, hatred, harassment and abuse are not tolerated on Bashers are subject to immediate removal from the site. Do not reply to abusive comments as your response could result in TOS violations on your part.


Solicitation of drugs, products, services, or prostitution is strictly prohibited on ANY PROFILE THAT IS EXPRESSLY CONSTRUCTED FOR THE USE OF ADVERTISING WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED. We also ask you not to post links to external websites in chat or your profile.


The pursuit or discussion of sexual activity with minors is illegal and grounds for immediate cancellation of your account. Likewise, minors or impersonating a minor is also prohibited. cooperates fully with local authorities who subpoena our records.


Seeking, discussing, or encouraging sexual acts that are considered incest is prohibited.


The repeated posting of the same message is not appropriate. Chat rooms are for everyone!


Only photos that are of you are allowed on The impersonation of other persons, even for the purpose of fantasy, is not permitted under our TOS.

Animal Cruelty

Beastiality, snuff, or any other form of animal cruelty is explicitly forbidden in our community.

Personal Information

Any posting of other members personal information such as address, phone number, or other personal/private information is not allowed.

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