Gay.com is an online community built for LGBTQ+ people, our friends and families around the world. We are excited to develop this platform in concert with the needs of our members so that it always remains inclusive to everyone in the community - regardless of how they identify.

Our primary concern is to create a safe space, and we will always place our member's safety above everything else. We've implemented some behind-the-scenes safety measures, but in order for this to happen effectively, we rely on our members to let us know if someone isn't being respectful or violating these guidelines.

Repeated violations of our guidelines could lead to being permanently banned from our community.

Profile and Photo Guidelines

  • Your avatar photo may not contain any nudity at this time. This includes images of genitals, graphic bulges or outlines of the genitals, the buttocks, public hair, or bodily fluids.

  • Your photos and profile cannot contain any references to violence, criminal activity or illegal drug use. No images of blood, drug paraphernalia, or weapons.

  • Use a photo of yourself. Avoid showing the faces of other people in your photos. Anyone under 18 years of age is forbidden from appearing in your photos.

  • Use of any copyrighted material or logos is forbidden.

  • You may not use your profile or profile picture to advertise or solicit escorting, any sorts of goods or services, third-party products or affiliate programs.

Reporting Posts and Other Members

We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, hate speech, violence, and illegal behavior of any kind. If you see this appearing anywhere on the site, please don't hesitate to contact Customer Support. All reports will be treated anonymously and if we decide to take action based on a report, your information will not be referenced.

  • Profiles: If you see a Profile that violates these guidelines, select the "Report" link at the top right of the profile's page.

  • Community: If you see a post in Your Community that violates these guidelines, hit the Report icon at the top right of each post to be taken to the "report this post" form.

  • Chat: If you are having trouble with another user in chat, you have the option of ignoring them. If the problem persists, you can report them by contacting Customer Support.