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just joined looking to make friends maybe more later love to talk...

1h 1m ago

just joined looking to make friends maybe more later love to talk about armpits :)

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Oops, I did it again!

6d ago

So another year of love just flew by and, if I don't do something quick, I'm probably going to be sleeping outside in the dog-house tomorrow night with only my tears and my mother-in-law's dogs to keep me company. Last year I learned that gifting a song strummed to the tune of 'Disco Stick' by Lady Gaga, on an out-of-tune ukulele, isn't going to cut it. Neither is a gas station wine run. Nor my tears.

Luckily, I just found out that FTD flowers is going to be taking deliveries until midnight tonight for Valentine's Day deliveries. So, hopefully, I'll be cuddling up tomorrow with someone who's breath doesn't smell of beef and dirty teeth.

Does anyone have any other ideas, just in case I need a backup?

Last Minute Valentine's Flowers Delivered

6d ago

It's the thought that counts -- and looks like you weren't thinking!

(I know the See's Candy in Thousand Oaks is open 'til 9 tonight)

2d ago

Is there a Rochester or Winona chat room

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Denton guys


It would be nice to know where all of the gay Dentonites are. Especially the ones between the ages of 21 and 31, but other age ranges would also be nice just so the younger and older people can also talk to each other.

2 Feb

Justo joined dallas

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