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Looking for my first time

Just looking around here for now. Looking for a friend, I am a virgin and looking for just 1 guy to deflower me and hopefully stay together. disease and drug free HIV -

3h 13m ago

I'm a virgin to

1h 10m ago

Love to tt Yu bill

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northern wi man, like to get to know some one with an outdoor life style,

I would like to meet men form 25-50,I enjoy hanging out with. Some one who enjoys hunting, fishing, canoeing, ATV, and snowmobiling. A good meal a few drinks and some body to enjoy the rest of the night with.

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Move on

18h 54m ago

I was in of a friend but he's straight and idk how forget him cause he was really close to me pls I have 2 years and I'm really confused and afraid that my family reject me or the people hurt my family, IDK WHAT TO DO!! I'm really scared

17h 53m ago

Justmartin contact me tomorrow evening late afternoon under this screen name I will be in the chat room in the main chat room before me I've been in your shoes so I know what would help you with help you get through this hard time okay not here to hurt you I'm here to help you okay you can trust me and believe me I've been in your shoes so I know where you're at

9h 16m ago

Hi justin

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