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Looking for my first time

Just looking around here for now. Looking for a friend, I am a virgin and looking for just 1 guy to deflower me and hopefully stay together. disease and drug free HIV -

11h 5m ago

Hi would love to get with u

5h 45m ago

I'm too ugly my apologies I deleted everything that's right I'm not 20 and I don't have six pack abs hot to trot just an average-looking guy but evidently not too ugly early 40 too old got to be 20 21 22 to get a guy nobody wants anybody 40 years old

2h 51m ago

@DaveyTheDJ hay there hot and sexey i want you necked 40 omg your hot i want to sex you up im,60 but i act 45 ha ha hit me back let,s sexually play hug,s thank,s semper fi steve

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Only one in the world

9h 12m ago

I would like to find a person to share like with.
Someone intelligent, resourceful, upwardly mobile.
I'd like to see a person on a dating/friend level first. My feeling is that we get to know each other, then move on to romance. I'm not a prude, or in any way asexually stagnant. I just want to like you first.
I have a handful of hangups. Hygiene, manners, sense if humor, sense of self are very important.
Let's talk.

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Good morning, Any Tops or guys looking for oral service in the nw...

Good morning, Any Tops or guys looking for oral service in the nw burbs?

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