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2h 4m ago

i like to hit gym try not to get fat belle, i like to study to know more, go fishing, play chess game and spend time with my son. going to the movies whenever any new movie hit the box office. while i do like spending time with my son, we go to park, movies and mall

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Looking for someone to talk to about sex

Want to see cock and possibly ass and make you horny

10h 13m ago

@letsfuckallnight hey sexy

4h 39m ago

@sexydude75 i want to get fucken hot , horney and hard with you suck you off push all of your hot sex button,s my e mail is let,s you and i get deep ....K hug,z steven

4h 38m ago

@Christian001 let,s get into this hug,s semper fi tiger.

4h 36m ago

Please make me horny...willing to do almost anything at all

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Wading the maze

Although 71, have no sense of age, and roller skate sometimes. Looking for friends and relationships, love and yes, hookupsl with ongoing interaction. I've been retired for 7 years and moved to CC because want to have a larger pool of gay men to interact with, and find something more. Never had a true relationship with another guy that was intimate. Newly accepting of myself as a gay man going on 3 years, and grateful have finally realized it does get better. I'm still in the adolescent stage of a gay man, but seeking ongoing growth to be who I'm supposed to be. I'm very communicative and prefer working things out if there is a bump in the road rather than ignore what happened. Sure, sometimes life is stupid, and you have to ignore, but other times words need to be used. I ride a bicycle, hike, thrift stores, museums, art galleries, Bo Yoga, hula hoop, and enjoy outdoor life.

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Lets hook up men

Hi. Call. Me. 213)
421 -78 35
Free. Hook......up..........
Be ages. 18 to. 35...
You. Come to me
Los Angeles .... California. ......
Name= cute smooth

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