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Long-time Wilton Manors Resident looking to establish a social circle of friends while I wait for the Universe to introduce Mr Forever.

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Im a 42 year old professional attractive fit male. I love to work out and keep in shape. I'm pretty down to earth, and I love being active. Not really into the bar seen, although I like going out on the weekend. I love adventure and I'm a licensed pilot.

I'm looking for a normal attractive person. Someone whose fit and not heavily into the bar seen. Someone whose active and adventurous. I would love to meet for a coffee,drink or a nice dinner and see if the chemistry is right ! Lets enjoy life !

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Well, for what it's worth..

I'm with a girl, also a father, and have been a closeted bi my whole life. She knows.. so do a few others.. I'm looking to find the strength to come out and say who I am to the world. I have no gay or bi male friends and I think that would help me immensely! So what else about me.. I dig the outdoors, ecotourism crap, liberal as fuck, Half-assed musician, I love alt rock, indie, and punk music and books about war. I am a bitter pseudo-hipster barista by day; suffocated, daydreaming, horney, lonely wannabe-cocksucker by night.
Been mostly with girls but guys drive me nuts. I'd like platonic and sexual friends..
I've never been on Skype but would love to try it!

1d ago

Hi how are you ?

19h 48m ago

Hey HereinSRQ17, no need to come out and have to explain your life style. Just be who you are and be open to meeting others that have the same interest. I'm a very laid back guy who just lives life and what I do in bed in my business. You seem happy and have allot of interest, that is all that matters. Good luck to you!

18h 54m ago

Just looking for sex here

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