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Any young skinny dude desiring a photosession to flaunt with (brand...

Any young skinny dude desiring a photosession to flaunt with (brand new) Soviet school girl uniform on? Lots of fun

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My self

3d ago

I am a college student around Camden area. I am currently in a mix of work and college. In college I am doing performing arts which I love the most as I am able to show my feelings without being shy. I also work with autistic children who are unable to be free and do what they like to do most and be free and have a great adventure. Some things I like to do most of all is spend time with family and friends. My life right now is going to plan. I hope. I made great friends over the years in my life., been to places that I wish I was with that made my experience that much better.

I have some disabilities, for example; I have hearing impairments, so I tend to do sign language when I cant hear as much.

My biggest inspiration is my friends and and family. They made me for who I am today. I tend to love my self for who I am. I am nervous but, who isn't, my bigget fear at the moment is height. But I want someone to be there for me and hold my hand help me with the great fear. I also don't like flying as much. But I like to go to Portugal to see my dads side of the family and hopefully they will be ok when next year comes.

If you would like to know me more I am here to be there for you as you want to be there for me.

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