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sub slave seeks real man. dom alpha a plus for oral service. I suck...

sub slave seeks real man. dom alpha a plus for oral service. I suck cock balls ass n feet

9h 43m ago

I am a dom. Were are you?

8h 16m ago


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New trend: Lesbians who have sex with men?

13h 4m ago

OK, posing this question to any self-identified lesbians out there:

More and more of my lesbian friends have been having sex with men. If that wasn't disturbing enough, they INSIST that this doesn't make them BISEXUAL. One friend said it was just easier for her to find casual, NSA sex with men vs. women (less drama, etc). Without getting too graphic, my other friend was saying that she started having sex with men because it was easier ... "anatomically" (i.e. no strap on is needed). Despite the fact that this phallocentric view of intercourse flies in the face of my feminist ideals, my question isn't about sex, but rather identification: Should having sex with men prevent you from identifying as a lesbian?

To the self-identified gay men out there: Have any of you heard of something similar happening in the gay male community (ie, gay men having sex with women, but not considering themselves bisexual).

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42 year old looking for older friends

Closeted, quiet gay male looking for new friends. Prefer older, heavier guys.

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