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Prince Charming

Looking for love in all the wrong places....oral pig top, monagamous, looking for hungry uninhibiTed bottom. Must travel to you. Be white, intelligent, funny, hot, beefy, piggy and romantic. Is that possible?

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Marvel Comics nerd :)

I moved to NYC Mid-July 2016 from Texas. And I started grad. school at NYU for Biology last fall!

I love Marvel Comics with all of my heart and soul, and it's so fantastic to finally be in the heart of the Marvel Universe - NYC! So, yes, I am a nerd - I freely admit it and am proud to be one :P

I'm admittedly pretty shy, awkward (well, everyone tells me I'm not, but I can't believe it lol), nervous, & not too forward...but wish I was...I'm trying to work on that!

But I'm ultimately looking for dates, relationship, and friends (I definitely need to meet more people in the city!).

20h 39m ago

Hello, how're you doing? I'm a Marvel Comic reader also. I've been reading and collecting since '82. I love comics and the cinematic universes as well. Nice profile, Mahr_vehl.

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Good afternoon guys I'm just looking for a friend that could understand...

Good afternoon guys I'm just looking for a friend that could understand me more where I'm from Brooklyn I'm just looking

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