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Lets hook up

21h 55m ago

I am a very open and positive person. I am fond of design of clothes, sports, travelling. I have a vivid imagination and I love to bring my ideas to life. I adore reading books and dream! I know how to create coziness and beauty in the house, I cook and cook with delicious food and organize the farm well. I am handsome, educated, I have a calm, conflict-free character, undemanding. I am able to maintain secular talks, I gladly receive guests, easily find a common language with people

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Writing taglines makes me want to punch myself...

Kitesurfing in Morocco. Hiking a summit trail. Playing my guitar with my closest friends. Itís not a proper weekend if your heart isnít beating a little faster, right?

Monday through Friday, I manage my business, but when the weekend rolls aroundÖ itís time to play.

I like... coffee, craft beer, red wine, hiking, dogs & music.

Maybe you can joinÖ message me, and letís talk.

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