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Looking for someone gay to chat with

Sometimes wonder if I could be turning gay. I still love women very strongly. I sometimes think I could maybe be "Bisexual-curious". Is it possible to be Bisexual and never act on it? Is there any other guys on this site who don't want to act on it? Honestly I could use a gay friend to sort out my feelings. I was never this emo, I swear!

I can go weeks without having these "gay" feelings. I have no desire to be in a relationship with another guy. I want to understand when gay guys first knew they were gay and if they ever thought think it wouldn't be so bad to marry a woman.

I haven't told too many straight friends, but when i do, they all say that I'm just gay, but I really don't think they're right.

Anyway, read my profile for more about why I'm so confused ...

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