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There Are Gay, Russian Neo-Nazis

By Alex Panisch

1. You read that right, there are Gay, Russian Neo-Nazis and our pals at Vice interviewed a member of the twisted little club. Highlights include “I don't think Hitler even personally wanted to gas gays,” “our brothers aren’t engaged in tenderness on silk sheets—we commit truly manly acts,” and ”we don’t consider ourselves as heroes or particularly positive characters.” Check out the full interview here because it’s an entertaining big-ole-barrel-o-crazy.

2. Lady Gaga has been accused of violating Russia’s “gay propaganda” ban and Russian politician  member Vitaly Milonov wants to throw the book at her, sort of. The NME reports that Milonov has filed a request for the prosecutor general to begin investigating Mother Monster for violating the conditions of her visa. Vitaly claims that Gaga came to Russia on a tourist visa—which do not allow the bearers to work for money—and held a concert for which she charged admission. In the past, Milonov’s called for the same action to be brought against Madonna, another artist accused of “promoting homosexuality.” Milonov seems to think this is a great use of the prosecutor’s time; it’s not like there’s widespread corruption throughout Russia or anything.

 3. Gay Latvians want gays to stop boycotting Stoli. Dan Savage launched the Slacktivism campaign a few weeks ago and while it hasn’t hurt mother Russia in the least, it has impacted Latvia, which is far less financially well off. The Atlantic Wire reports that all the Stoli for worldwide export is made in Latvia (though some production does take place in Russia. That’s why some labels say “Rusian Vodka” and others say “Premium Vodka). Mozaika, the Latvian LGBT organization calling for the end of the boycott, and Russian gay activist Nikolai Alekseev are in agreement that the boycott is misguided.

4. The US will begin processing visa applications from same-sex couples the same way it does heterosexual couples. The Guardian reports that John Kerry made the announcement at the US embassy in London. Kerry said, “When same-sex couples apply for a visa, the Department of State will consider that application in the same manner that it considers the application of opposite sex spouses.” The new guidelines take effect immediately.

5. Berlin-based drag queen Barbie Breakout sewed his mouth shut to protest Russia’s treatment of the LGBT community. Breakout told Germany’s Die Welt newspaper (translated by Pink News) that sewing his mouth shut “was about symbolism, not about self harm.” Be warned, the clip is very graphic, you can watch it here.

6. The Advocate reports that a group of Russian paratroopers attacked a single gay activist in St. Petersburg. The ex-servicemen, who are wearing totally hetero berets and blue-and-white striped tank tops, can be seen harassing and shoving Kirill Kalugin, who was holding a one-man protest against Russias homophobic laws. Watch the video below:

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