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Which LGBT Icon Has Lost the Most Weight?

By Daniel Villarreal

Pop artist Boy George and reality celeb Chaz Bono have both made headlines this week because of their phenomenal weight loss. But who has lost more and how can their weight loss secret help us?

Though he hasn't fessed up, one tabloid says that side-by-side comparisons of photos put Boy George's total weight loss at about 50 pounds. Meanwhile, Mr. Bono has attested a loss of about 45 pounds on the way to his overall goal of 80 pounds.

Boy George lost all his weight using a program called Freer Nutrition, but also said that he's using “Portion control. 5 hour gaps between meals. No coffee or tea, except at meals. Water & fizzy water between meals! No bread, sugar!”

As for Bono's weight loss, he has committed to regular exercise and meals provided by Freshology, a gourmet diet food delivery service that uses fresh fruits, veggies and portion control.

Sadly, most of us cannot afford our own gourmet delivery food service, so we're left to navigate diets on our own. But Boy George's details provide a few good weight loss guidelines.

Avoid carbs (if you eat them, eat them in the morning so you can burn them off during the day). Eat fresh veggies and protein — veggies fill you up and lean meats can help rebuild muscle after a workout. Drink lots of water — good hydration increases your metabolism, makes you feel less hungry and helps with all sorts of good body functioning.

Lastly, exercise! Even 30 minutes of cardio three times a week can help elevate your mood and start burning off excess calories. If you really wanna start burning off weight, run and try weightlifting — muscles continue to burn fat long after you've stepped away from the weights.

While striving after your weight loss goal, keep both Boy George and Chaz Bono in mind. They're 51 and 43-years-old respectively. If two middle-aged gay icons can lose a bunch of weight, a young fella like you can too.

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