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Wait... Sodomy and Slavery Are Still Legal in Some States?!!

By Daniel Villarreal

You may have heard recently that Mississippi only recently ratified the U.S. constitutional amendment banning slavery.

Oops! Just an oversight? Forgot? Okay, maybe...

But it seems like less of a mistake when you also consider that another state, Montana, has an anti-sodomy law still on its books even though the U.S. Supreme Court declared such laws unconstitutional nationwide in 2003.

Tim Murphy of Mother Jones reports that the Montana state Senate passed a bill designed to officially repeal the law this week, but that the bill will likely die in their Republican-led House.

James Greer, a lobbyist with the Montana Human Rights Network said, "We are expecting this bill to go to House judiciary, which is a very ideologically driven committee, and we expect it to die in that committee... They're not showing a lot of respect to the LGBT community."

Mr. Murphy adds that ten other states also have anti-sodomy laws still on its books: Idaho, Utah, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and (of course) Mississippi.

Even though the states can't legally charge you with a sodomy offense, they can still arrest you, hold you and then let you go, claiming ignorance or confusion since the law is still on their books.

It's no surprise that while sodomy laws forbid all forms of oral and anal sex, they've largely been used to harrass homos rather than any straight married couple getting or recieving head.

So keeping pre-2003 sodomy laws on the books is a way for conservative states to passively declare their opposition to so-called "gay sex" without taking additional action to affirm the right for homosexuals to love each other.

Just repealed slavery. Way to make a statement, confederates.

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