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Wait, Are These French Protestors For or Against Gay Marriage?

By Brandon Voss

The French National Assembly officially approved marriage and adoption for same-sex couples Tuesday. Unfortunately, the celebration has been marred by violent protests and hateful hashtags from the country's conservatives. Sacrebleu!

The strange and somewhat funny thing is that France's ridiculous antigay groups are often as colorful, flamboyant, and homoerotic as those out fighting the good gay fight.

To be honest, we don’t really know exactly what’s going on in most of these protest images, but we do know whether the people are for or against marriage equality. Can you tell them apart?

Try your luck on the following 10 photos and find the correct answers on each next page.

1. Gay or Antigay?

1. ANSWER: Antigay!

2. Gay or Antigay?

2. ANSWER: Antigay!

3. Gay or Antigay?

3. ANSWER: Antigay!

4. Gay or Antigay?

4. ANSWER: Antigay!

5. Gay or Antigay?

5. ANSWER: Gay!

6. Gay or Antigay?

6. ANSWER: Gay!

7. Gay or Antigay?

7. ANSWER: Antigay!

8. Gay or Antigay?

8. ANSWER: Antigay!

9. Gay or Antigay?

9. ANSWER: Antigay! (That's anti-marriage equality activist Frigide Barjot!)

10. Gay or Antigay?

10. ANSWER: Gay! (That's gay Parisian mayor Bertrand Delanoe!)

How many did you get right?

1. Antigay
2. Antigay
3. Antigay
4. Antigay
5. Gay
6. Gay
7. Antigay
8. Antigay
9. Antigay
10. Gay

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