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No, Morrissey. Not All Gay Men Are Peaceniks

By Daniel Villarreal

Today, British rocker Morrissey said if more men were gay, there'd be no wars. It's a sentiment as sweet as it is untrue.

But before we refute him, here's his full quote from Rookie magazine:

"War, I thought, was the most negative aspect of male heterosexuality. If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men. They even get medals for it. Women don’t go to war to kill other women. Wars and armies and nuclear weapons are essentially heterosexual hobbies."

Leave it to a sensitive queer artist to come up with such a poetic statement damning hetero-male aggression. Morrissey is a outspoken vegetarian, after all, who abhors violence against any living creature, whether it's a man or a delicious turkey burger.

Sadly, despite his statement's loveliness, it just doesn't square with reality.

Men are competitive cutthroats (has he seen RuPaul's Drag Race?!?). And has he ever heard of the Sacred Band of Thebes, "the 150 pairs of male lovers which formed the elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC"? Gays and bi men can make war like no one's business.

Or how about the fact that the mainstream gay rights movement (at least here in America) just spent well over a decade successfully fighting for the right to serve in the military and, ostensibly to recieve medals for (as Morrissey puts it) "killing other men."

Gay men are not necessarily gentle by nature nor are we as a whole particularly interested in peace. To claim otherwise is to paint us with too broad a brush and deny us of our own capacity to fight, defend and even kill for any reason, no reason or reasons morally questionable.

Perhaps Morrissey's point is really that war is a male phenomenon, but then that ignores women's capacity for war-making. Remember the Amazons, the female warriors who notoriously cut off their right breasts to wield their bows and arrows with greater ease?

Inhuman as it is, war is a human activity. And while we love the idea that a gay man's world would eradicate its existence... contemporary evidence renders this little more than a peaceful man's dream.

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