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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I edit my profile information?
    You must be logged in to edit your profile information. To change your profile information, click on the “Edit Profile” link in the left column, right next to your profile photo (if you have one). This will take you to the Edit Profile page, this is where you can update your profile details, personal information, community info, profile information, languages spoken/understood and what you are interested in. To edit your profile, click here.
  • How do I block someone from messaging me?
    To block a user, visit their profile and click on the block icon on the top right of their profile (the icon is a circle with a line through it). Clicking on this will Block the user from messaging you.
  • How do I unblock someone?
    To unblock someone, visit their profile and click on the block icon. This will unblock the user. You can also view all your blocked users on your “My Blocked Users” page, available from your Edit Profile page.
  • How do I change the location that shows up on my profile?
    To change your location, go to the “Edit Profile” page and under the “City” field you can type in a City, Town, location, address, or more to populate your location field. Please note that if you supply an address we will not display the address but the map will be centered on that specific address.
  • What are gay.com “communities”?
    Gay.com communities are a way to meet similar members who group themselves by “communities”. Currently Gay.com offers 8 communities to choose from. Bear, Muscles, Twink, Leather, Poz, Military, Circuit and College. Each community has specific fields that you can enter and search on.
  • How do I join a specific community?
    Gay.com features the ability to join, seach and participate in “communities” these will be filled with like-minded (and bodied) members who are grouped by a common bond. To join a community, visit the “ Edit profile” page and click on the icon of the community you wish to join. Moving your mouse cursor over an icon will pop up the name of that community (Bear, Circuit, etc). Clicking on the community icon will bring up the community info that will need to be filled out in order for you to join that community. You must click on the “Join the _____ Community” to be able to edit the community information. Don’t forget to save your profile information!
  • How do I leave a specific community?
    To stop being a member of a specific community, visit the “edit profile” page, and click on the icon of the community you with you leave under the “Community Info” section. Uncheck the “Join the _____ Community” and save your profile information.
  • What are “Status updates”?
    Status updates are an easy way to let people know a quick thought or comment from yourself. These short messages can be updated as often as you like and will appear on your profile and your friends can also see them.
  • How do I add a new Status update?
    To add a new status update, simply visit your profile (the easiest way to do this is to click on the “View Profile” link on the left column, next to your profile photo. Once on your profile, there is a “Update Status” box available. Simply enter your status here, and click on “update status”. The most recent update will appear at the top of your profile for others to see.
  • How do I see who has viewed my profile?
    To help better connect you with other members, gay.com features a “Who’s Viewed My Profile” list. This list is limited to the last 3 visitors for free members, premium members can see everyone who has visited their profile.
  • Can I hide myself from showing up on someone’s “Who’s Viewed My Profile” list?
    Premium members are able to enter “Online- Anonymous” mode that will allow them to send and receive instant messages (and appear online) but not show up on people’s “Who’s Viewed My Profile” list.
  • What is a “List” and how do I add people to it?

    A list is a way of organizing members that you want to be able to find easily. When you visit a profile, there is a “Add to List” button that allows you to add this member to a list. You can create multiple lists to help organize your contacts. Some sample lists could be “People I’ve contacted” or “Hot guys” - how you use this lists are up to you! Note that others cannot see your lists, they are private to you.

    There are two special types of lists, Friends and Favorites. Friends must be confirmed by both sides, meaning you can send a friend request, and if it is accepted by the other member, you will be connected as “Friends”. Friend lists are public information. Favorites are a special type of list that will put these members closer to the top of your Find Guys searches and Online lists.

  • How do I create a new list?
    To create a new list, visit a profile and click on the “Add to List” button, in the menu that pops up type the name of the list you want into the “Name of list” field and click on “create new list”. This will create the list and you are now able to add that member to the new list.
  • How do I add someone as a Friend?
    To add someone as a friend, you can visit their profile and click on the “add to list” button and click on “Send Friend Request” from the available options.


  • What do the different photo icons mean?
    Gay.com uses a few different photo icons to convey image information when we can't display a photo for one reason or another. They are divided into the following categories.

    Premium Image that contains adult content. Become a premium member to access this photo via the photo gallery on the user's profile. Note that private images need to be given access to view.
    Pending Review Gay.com reviews images to make sure they are in line with our Community Guidelines. Until a photo is approved or deemed "adult" this icon will be displayed.
    Private images can be placed in an album that requires access to be granted to view.. You can create private albums in via the +Photos link.
  • How do I add photos to an album?
    To add photos, click on the + Photos link next to your profile image in the left hand column. This takes you to the Albums page. To add photos to an album (all photos need to be in an album) click on the album you wish to add photos to. “Profile Album” is the most common and will display on your profile.
  • How do I create a new photo album?
    To create a new photo album, click on the +Photos link next to your profile image in the left hand column. This takes you to your album list (you can view this here) – this page has the option to create new albums. To create a new album, type the name of the album in the “Create a new album…” field and then choose if it is public or private. Private albums require you to approve people who request access to it. Once you have picked the privacy level and given it a name click on “Create Album”.
  • How do I choose my main profile photo?
    Your main profile photo (the image that people see the most) can be selected by clicking on the “+Photos” link next to your profile image in the left hand column. Then click on the “Profile Album” –this will give you a list of photos that are in your profile album. Find the one you wish to make your main profile image and click on the “Set as profile” button. This will update your profile photo.
  • How do I delete a photo?
    To delete photos, click on the + Photos link next to your profile image in the left hand column. This takes you to the Albums page. Select the album in which the photo you want to delete is located. Once you have a list of all the photos in the album, click on the “Delete” button underneath the photo you want to remove. This will bring up the confirmation message on top of the photo, click “DELETE” to remove the photo.
  • Why don’t my photos show up right away?
    All photos on gay.com go though a moderation process to ensure they meet our standards. We also categorize adult photos. We endeavor to moderate your photos in a timely and efficient manner, however, large volumes of photos may require more time to moderate. To view our community guidelines, go here: Here Media Community Guidelines

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