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Frequently Asked Questions

Gay.com General FAQs

  • What has changed on Gay.com and why?
    Gay.com has made a major overhaul to the site. Over the 20 years since Gay.com first arrived on the scene, a lot has changed on the web. We have listened to our users and looked at changes in how people connect online. The new site was designed to embrace the way people now connect. Most notably, the new site has an updated layout, a new means of chatting with people, new ways of keeping track of your friends, and new ways of connecting and finding people for life, love, and friendship.
  • Where did the chat rooms go?
    Chat rooms have been reinvented with better technology - we now have better ways of finding people near you and with similar interests. Click the Chat Beta tab in the menu, and then jump on to a trending topic, or start your own topic. Make it local, so that only people in your region can see it, or make it global for everyone to see. Give it a try and let us know what you think of it. We'd love to hear from you.
  • What are communities?
    Joining communities like Bears, Muscle, Leather and others are a great way of telling the world a little more about you. Each community has an additional set of profile fields that are unique to that community’s interest. With community badges, you can also get that extra little visual queue to reach out and tell the world a little more about who you are.

Gay.com Profile FAQs

  • Why did some of my profile info change?
    Some of our profile fields allowed for conflicting selections. In our improvements we updated some of these fields so they would be less confusing.
  • Why are some of my pics missing?
    As Gay.com updated for mobile, some of the content was deemed “too hot” for some of the mobile carriers. So, to be compliant with carrier rules, some photos were removed from the site.
  • Why is my old profile missing?
    We’ve allowed some old user names that were not being used to become available to new users. It is possible if you haven’t logged in for a considerable time that yours may have been one of them. However, this does give you the chance for a fresh start with a new user name and updated profile information.

Billing FAQs

  • Will the changes to Gay.com affect my billing?
    Simply put, nope.
  • How do I cancel my Premium Membership?
    Any Gay.com Premium Member can cancel their billing with us at any time. Simply go to your billing options and select that you’d like to cancel.
  • Does Gay.com auto-renew my Premium Membership?
    For your convenience, we do auto-renew your subscription.
  • How do I contact the billing department?
    You can reach the billing department by emailing premiumservices@gay.com or by calling our billing number 1-212-920-2841.
  • What are Gay.com Premium Membership billing terms?

    Gay.com Premium Membership fees are charged to your credit card when you successfully submit your order and a billing period begins. All Gay.com Premium Memberships are automatically renewed and your credit card rebilled at the end of each billing period until cancelled.

    For example, if you purchase the monthly plan, your Gay.com Premium Membership will renew and your credit card will be billed again at the start of the next monthly period, unless you cancel. You must cancel before the close of the current billing period to avoid subsequent charges. We do not offer a "one-time" or fixed-term Gay.com Premium Membership.

    The billing period for a monthly Gay.com Premium Membership is (30) days, the billing period for a three month Gay.com Premium Membership is (90) days, and the billing period for an annual Gay.com Premium Membership is twelve (12) consecutive months.

    Please note: All Gay.com Premium Membership payments are nonrefundable.

    Gay.com offers promotional rates for some new Premium Memberships. However, all automatic renewals are billed at the full rate of the specific Premium Membership Plan.

  • What happens to my membership if I cancel?

    If you cancel your Gay.com Premium Membership before the end of your current billing period, the cancellation will take effect at the end of that billing period. You will not be billed for any subsequent term. After canceling, you will continue to have access to the Premium Membership features until the end of your current billing period.

    To determine your billing period, please visit Settings->My Account, and look at Billing section. You may also change or begin the cancellation of your Gay.com Premium Membership by clicking on “edit.”

    If you have questions regarding your Gay.com Premium Membership terms or billing issues, please contact us at premiumservices@gay.com

    Your premium membership will be cancelled at the end of the billing period in which you cancelled it.

  • What are the Premium member features?
    Gay.com Premium Membership offers unrestricted access to Gay.com where you can enjoy some of these features:
    • Browse members in Anonymous mode
    • See everyone who has visited your profile
    • See adult and unlocked private photos
    • See who has given you “thumbs up”
    • View and search for Adult Premium profiles
    • Save your Searches
    • Unlimited Browsing
    • Unlimited Find Guys

Support FAQs

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